Salmon Farming

We have many years of experience in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of products to the aquaculture and fish farming industry. Our highly skilled workforce are experts in the manufacture of all types of cage nets that are used in the salmon and trout fish farming industry. With experience also in the manufacture of lake nets, bird protection nets, predator nets etc.

All nets are made with the highest quality materials such as knotless netting and ropes and twines.

Types of Nets
  • Octagonal Cages Smolt and Grower Nets
  • Polar Circles Smolt and Grower Nets 80mtr/120mtr etc
  • Square Cages
  • Turmec Cages
  • Lake Cages
  • Seine Nets
  • Bird Nets (cover nets) for both octagonal and polar circle etc. Various sizes
  • Predator Nets
  • EEL Nets
  • Harvesting Nets


We are a leading supplier of pots for the inshore fishing and aquaculture industry. We have in stock a vast diversity and range of pots in all our depots ready for collection. Pots for Crab and Lobster available include 8mm and 10mm steel pots which are in 22″, 24″ and 26″ lengths and 16″ and 18″ heights. Direct shipment of Oyster Bags at the keenest price to clients anywhere in the world is available.

Lobster / Crab Pots

Available in 24” or 22” long with 8mm or 10mm steel, pots can be supplied in Frames or finished to customer requirements.

Prawn Pots

Roped or Netted

Store Pots

Finished to Customer Requirements

Shrimp Pots

Fully Assembled


Made-up Bait Bags / Made-up Soft Eyes / Spinners / Hooks / Bungee Rubber / Pot Netting / Toggles / Bungee Cord 100 Mtr Rolls