Swan Net-Gundry Ltd has earned a global reputation for innovation and workmanship, designing and manufacturing a full range of pelagic gear, the company continues to be one of the leading trawl makers in Europe. Our range includes the traditional designed right and left lay twisted twine front-end trawl, the always-reliable Hex trawl and of course the very successful self-spreading Trawls.

Typical Single Rig


Typical Pair Rig

Pair-boat-rigOur Midwater Range




We offer a full range of Brailers/Codends to cover all species of fish from (mackerel, herring, horse mackerel, blue whiting, boar-red fish, sprat) All Brailer/Codends range from the smallest horsepower to the biggest horsepower, they are made with top-quality nylon and at a very competitive price. The rigging required for Brailers/Codends are mostly done with our top quality DynIce rope.


Bridles & Rigging

 Typical Rig Drawing





DYNET Ultra High Strength Netting

The Dynet is made solely of Dyneema® high performance fibres from DSM and impregnated with special solvent based material to increase stiffness and durability. The netting knot is double and the twine design optimizes knot strength, knot stability and high durability. Lowest drag compared to any other knotted netting types.

 Net2UTZON Braided Nylon Netting

Braided netting made from nylon (polyamide) multifilament’s with high elasticity and high breaking load and elongation to break. The elasticity gives the netting a higher ability to meet extreme loads compared to other materials like polyethylene and polypropylene. Heatset and impregnated with best available materials to ensure stability and endurance.

 Net3UTZON Twisted Nylon Netting

Twisted twine netting with high elasticity and high strength obtained with accurate twisting levels, tensioning and heat setting after impregnation. The nylon (polyamide) multifilament fibres used are of highest available quality and originated in Europe.


Net4MAGNET GREY Extreme Knot

Braided high density polyethylene netting with maximum strength to diameter ratio to minimise drag during towing. The twine is round and compact and core and cover are engineered to optimise knot breaking strength.


MAGNET YELLOW Robust codends

Braided twine with relatively heavy core, although the main part of the filaments is in the cover. This gives round twine with a smaller diameter, greater rigidity and high knot stability and good abrasion resistance.


MAGNET GREEN Abrasion Resistant

Relatively soft braided netting with very high knot stability and high abrasion resistance. The main part of the filaments is in the outer layer with only a small amount in the core in order to minimize knot size.




Compact and round braided twine where filament properties and the twine construction are optimised for durability in use while maintaining economical price.




Good and proven quality netting made from high density polyethylene where the material selection, blends and braiding is designed to optimise price / performance ratio.



All nets manufactured by Swan Net Gundry are custom-designed to the skipper’s particular requirements. Vessel horsepower, target species and mesh-size requirements are all taken into account and married to our design team’s expertise in gear and materials.

Research & Development

 Key designs have been proven at sea by many top skippers worldwide; our trawl models also have been tested under simulated conditions in the flume tank. This has enabled Swan Net Gundry to produce the most successful range of gear ever.


 In the nature of fishing, damage to gear is frequently unavoidable. Nets may need the expert attention of trained net makers. Our skilled repair crews get you back to sea with minimum loss of fishing time, fast professional work at a good rate.
Please feel free to contact us for any of your inquiry’s big or small you can contact us by using our people tab or by using our contact us tab, we will gladly quote you or help you with any trawl gear fishing problem.

Ropes & Twine


The first version of Dyneema SK60 later replaced with SK75, offers exceptional strength and axial stiffness. If thicker diameter is preferred for handling or holding instead of strength DynIce 60 can be suitable choice.


Conventional construction of 12 single strand braided rope from Dyneema SK 75 impregnated with Durapur.


Reliable, proven and the most popular 12 strand braided rope of 100% Dyneema SK75 fibres impregnated with Duracoat for protection and improved abrasion resistance. Very suitable rope for all kinds of applications.



The name Dux is from Latin and means the top of the class. This heat set rope outperforms other Dyneema 75 – 78 and 90 ropes as its strength is far higher, all constructional elongation has been removed in the production process and the stretch characteristics are extremely low.

We supply a complete range of ropes in Nylon-Polysteel-Polyethelene made in twisted and plaited lays.



Nylex ropes are impregnated with Duracoat to improve abrasion resistance and endurance.



The ropes are stabilized and heatset to avoid cold water shrinkage and twisting torque. Durable impregnation improves water repelling and abrasion resistance.

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